The Formula for Healing

Our soul/spirit does not exist within our physical bodies. Our physical body actually exists within and as an aspect of our soul. Often this is expressed as, “you are not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a soul having a human experience”.

Our soul creates a denser, slower resonant aspect of itself in order to have a physical experience. This is to learn, to “know thyself”, and move to a place of embracing and shining the light from its Sacred Self in order to live the teaching of: “To thine own self be true.”

I don’t see how you can respect yourself if you must look in the hearts and minds of others for your happiness.

Hunter S. Thompson

The formula for discovering and then aligning with your Sacred Self is straight forward. It is a simple way to identify which thoughts, beliefs, actions, opinions, perspectives and definitions stem from the lower pulsations of the ego self and which stem from our True Heart.

The formula for Transforming to Your Unique Essence is:

  • Stay present and within each moment consider all options you have the capacity to act on. Choose the one you are drawn to and would like to engage in the most. The challenge is to overcome doing what you “should” or “ought” to do and choose the one you are the most attracted to. You might be drawn to go see a movie but if you are at work, a movie is not an option at that moment so choose a task at work.
  • Follow and take the action as far as you can or until something else attracts you more. Just because you begin something does not mean you need to bring it to a conclusion. The purpose for following the initial interest may have been only to bring you to the place of discovering the next breadcrumb to be followed on your path to discovering and coming to know your Sacred Self.
  • Have absolutely no insistence, expectation, agenda or assumption as to the outcome. This is the trickiest part because, in using this formula, you are NOT trying to control or gain a particular outcome. The purpose is to experience how life will organically unfold for you based on the choices you make.

If, based on the choices you made, your feelings are peaceful, loving, joyful, excited, contented, and happy, then you know your choices are in alignment with your Sacred Self.

Stay aware because initial feelings of joy, excitement and contentment may be followed by feelings other than what was initially experienced. Choices made from a place of alignment with your Sacred Self will STAY peaceful, loving, joyful, and exciting with whatever unfolds from that choice point. You may not prefer what unfolds, but you will remain at peace with what does.

Finding yourself having experiences of fear, anger, stress, desires to control, emotional unrest, turmoil, depression or hate give insights that you are acting on a belief, definition, perception, expectation or assumption that is not in alignment with your Sacred Self.

Beliefs, definitions, and perceptions can all be changed by using the appropriate tools and procedures to do so. Remember: YOU NEVER CHANGE THE OUTSIDE WORLD OR THOSE AROUND YOU! Any changes you experience are only reflections of the changes you have made within yourself.

  • Stay in gratitude. Even when you are experiencing the painful, unpleasant aspects of life, know that they serve a purpose. They are showing you where you are not in alignment with your Sacred Self. Those experiences are indicating where you are acting from the lower pulsations of your ego self and not from your true heart.

When you encounter what you do not prefer, the opportunity exists to discover the belief, definition, or perception bringing that experience into reality. No matter what you face in life, you can always gain a positive benefit and outcome by focusing on the benefit gained from having the experience.

This formula for healing uses the laws of physics in order to understand the structure and nature of all existence as well as the structure and nature of how beliefs, definitions and perceptions work in shaping daily realities.

We are all on a journey of discovering and becoming more of who we truly are. By relaxing into and allowing ourselves to live fully from our True Selves, allowing ourselves to live in alignment with our Sacred Selves, we are carried by the currents of a new creation rooted in Love. These currents will transport us exactly where we need to be in order to discover more and more, in order to live more and more from the Deep Heart of our Core Essence, our unique spark of Universal Consciousness, the Sacred Unknown that is only LOVE.

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