Our World in Crisis

Humanity has entered a time both individually and collectively where we are beginning to free ourselves from past conditioning, old patterns of beliefs and fear based, self-serving behaviors in order to begin to know ourselves as we truly are.  Who we truly are is experienced through our never ending, exciting life’s journey as we learn to live in harmony with our Sacred Self.

Knowing our Sacred Self allows us to contribute our unique essence to the fabric of humanity in loving service by holding the piece of existence that only we can contain and carry.

You think that you are a small star while the whole universe is contained within you.

Sidi al-Jamal ar-Rafa’i as-Shadhili

To know the Sacred Unknown, the Universal Consciousness that comprises All That Is, is an impossible task.  Yet it is possible to discover and come to know the aspect of the Sacred Unknown within each of our hearts.  By shining that essence into the world, others are given the opportunity to see and come to know more and more of the Sacred Unknown that comprises All That Is.

The happiness we have been taught to search for in the outside world, in fact, lies in living our unique and individual truths.  It shines from within our hearts.  Life, no longer something to chase, is EXPERIENCED in every moment as the capacity, depth and beauty of our soul, our own unique expression, flows through our being.

Looking deeply within our hearts, we discover our unique creation and stand with acceptance, love and balance in that knowing.  By finding and then living what makes us happy, empowered, peaceful, joyful and fulfilled, we shine our Core Essence, our Sacred Self, into the world bringing healing to all of creation.

Living from a heart-based perspective opens our daily experiences to be rooted in love as our quantum hearts open to the inherent Truth of Unity and our never ending connection to ALL existence.

Without realizing, we move in a conscious “soup”, which, according to our scientific community, 99% of is undetectable by our physical senses.  Even though this “soup” is indiscernible by our conscious minds, we still have the ability to experience this realm as it moves and co-creates with us in a masterful symphony of frequencies, vibrations, light and sound.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are the ones giving everything its meaning.  It is the significance we give what we encounter in life that determines our experience.  Our unconscious mind assigns this meaning so automatically that we believe our personal experiences to be fact, when in truth, they are not.  They are only beliefs, definitions and opinions.

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