Jump… Love will Catch You!

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Making Courageous Choices

As many of you know, I have spent a vast portion of my life seeking answers. Thanks to my beloved guide, Sidi and most adored teacher, Fawzia, I have discovered all that I sought and MORE! From the fountain of inner teaches and deep mysteries, I would like to share what I see as a huge gift we are each being offered.

First, let’s look at the wealth of information and truth contained in the very naming of this global “pandemic”: Coronavirus or COVID-19. A corona is actually a crown worn to signify sovereignty. It is a halo indicating illumination. The number 19 references the Divine Quality of Omniscience (al-Alim). Only in Hebrew, Arabic and Sanskrit does the spoken word actually carry the frequency, vibration and resonance in terms of the actual meaning of what’s being spoken. I use Arabic.

Just the name of this virus indicates humanity is being offered a window, an opportunity for stepping into personal sovereignty and living an illuminated life. I was taught that when windows open, we have a choice whether we jump or not. JUMP!! Windows of opportunity, according to the mystery teachings, do not stay open for long.

In Arabic, each word has “root letters” that provide a vessel, a cup (of sorts), carrying all that is contained within the meaning of that word. The meanings held in these containers hold opposites as well as both masculine & feminine energies. Actually, we discover all that we are, all that we embrace and hold as important by FIRST traveling through everything we are NOT…. Everything that does not feed our heart and soul. Duality… only by experiencing what we DON”T prefer and all that we aren’t do we discover what we DO prefer and all that we truly are!

Al-Alim/Omniscience is KNOWING that on the deepest level, we are perfectly provided all that’s needed in and for each now moment. This is the Divine Feminine energy. It carries ALL the infinite possibilities swirling in the depths of ever changing waters. Here lies our undulating creativity, the place where we are beckoned towards holding and experiencing unconditional love & acceptance. Omniscience gradually arises from the places where we journey through all we don’t prefer in order to discover and ultimately rejoice at finding that which we do. These waters hold all that is hidden as our current states of consciousness are mirrored in the existing outer phenomena we behold with our physical senses. There is only LOVE, so even in traversing and suffering through all that is not preferred, we are always being perfectly guided towards joy.

Contained in this energy of Omniscience is that Invincible force (Qahhar) that will unveil ALL that is illusion until only LOVE remains as well as an energy that Gathers & Unites (Jami’). This is the coalescing of resonant threads of experiences we NEED in each moment in order to transcend that which no longer serves our lives. Through this process, we are drawn ever closer to living in love, peace, bliss, compassion, honesty and integrity. The energy of Omniscience is hidden (Batin) from our conditioned, socialized mind and can only be tasted through our heart and feeling nature as we navigate & learn from our experiences in the physical.

Each word has what are called root letters. The quality of Omniscience is fairly unique in that all of its root letters are Letters of Light. Letters of Light signify that which brings the effacement of a reality that’s no longer relevant. They are openings to a new reality which expands our journey in self-discovery thus further broadening our quest to unveil the treasures within our heart and soul desiring to be known.

In looking “behind, behind and behind”, I personally see the blessing as we are being asked to honor “social distancing”. The quest to uncover and live the treasures each of us carry is a solitary journey and our outer world is giving us this opportunity to connect deeply with the core of our being. Truth exists within our hearts and only we, each one of us, uniquely knows what this Truth feels like for us.

If old patterns of socialization, conditioning and status quos no longer existed, what would you do each day? What would make your heart SING with joy? Who do you feel deeply connected to? Who would you be drawn to spend your time with? Where would you desire to live? What would you just being YOU feel like? What would you just being YOU look like if no one else was watching? What would it be like to live each day as a separate, individual dream and follow the breadcrumbs wherever that dream lead?
Is there a pandemic of life changing virus? YES!!! There are actually TWO viruses in one!


Will we choose the virus that keeps us locked in fear? Will we choose the virus that keeps us continually surrendering our power and inner authority to that which is outside of us?


Will we choose the virus that sets us free from the past paradigms of being chained to an earthbound reality of separation and density? Will we choose the virus that opens us to live a life based on Love, Truth, Justice, Freedom and Mercy for ALL creation?

This is an extraordinarily powerful time! With the energies between now and the end of April we are offered a uniquely beautiful opportunity to dive deep within and explore what we hold as true, then discern if this is a truth that serves us and all of life or is it an “old truth” needing to be surrendered.

On April 12th the energies of Easter bathe us with transformation, resurrection and transcendence. Who is ready to stand with me and surrender, die and release ALL that no longer serves Love and Unity? Who is ready to stand with me opening their hearts to Christ-Consciousness ready and waiting to be brought into physical existence?

Gone is the bondage of thinking with our conditioned, socialized, hi-jacked mind and loving with our hearts.


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