Where is your focus these days, my loves?…. What are you choosing? What are you creating?

Thinking back to a prior blog post entitled Gaia’s Choice: An Ode to Peanut, a whole new ah-ha has unfolded. The gist of that post revolved around an experience with gerbils. Before embarking on the gerbil journey, I was not aware that as baby gerbils grow, the mother gerbil reaches a point where she no longer has enough milk to sustain all of her babies. She is faced with a choice: either let them all die or choose to feed some while letting the others starve.

Being completely devastated over the dying baby gerbils, I remember asking the vet, “How can the mother gerbil do that? Doesn’t she love her babies?” “Yes”, the vet replied, “she loves them very much. She loves them enough to not let them all die.”

Brutal? Harsh? ABSOLUTELY!! Welcome to the “Earth Experience”. Look around. Look at nature. There is an unfathomable strength and astounding power in Mother Nature that not only creates but also destroys. In order to create, energy must be taken from what is no longer relevant thus allowing it to “die” and return to Source. This ensures a more viable new creation giving life to that which IS relevant.

WOW!!… Only a powerful force would be able to hold that depth of unconditional love! This level of Unconditional Love is actually the vibration of Existence Itself. Unconditional Love holds the greater good for the sustainment of life itself and stands in a strength and depth of Love so daunting it is difficult to even begin to understand.

It is extremely important to note: The mother gerbil NEVER withdrew her love from the babies slated for extension… only that which feed their continued physical existence was withdrawn for the sole purpose of creating.

After all, everything, absolutely everything is nothing but energy. Energy can never be created or destroyed. It can only change form… it can only transform.

It is no secret that our world and current life styles are not sustainable. Outdated, obsolete systems are crumbling. We are individually and collectively at a choice point evaluating various possibilities.

YOU are at a choice point whether conscious of it or not!

Will the choice be made to continue holding fast to past patterns and habits of feeding that which is no longer relevant? Or, will the choice be made to “feed” that which is new and in the process, transform life as we currently know it?
The choice is between embracing unconditional love, peace, cooperation, understanding, balance, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness or remaining stuck in familiar fear/lack based dynamics and struggles.

This is evolution… OUR EVOLUTION! Everything… absolutely EVERYTHING is nothing more than the energy of Unconditional Love. Everything… absolutely EVERYTHING that is seen, felt, tasted, heard, and smelled in this material universe is, at its purest inner essence, Unconditional Love/Existence Itself.

We are evolving from a judgmental consciousness rooted in fear, competition, and lack based beliefs into Unity Consciousness with unconditional love, respect, honor, compassion, interdependence, mercy and peace as the foundations of life.

What are we feeding our consciousness? What are our thoughts, choices, actions? These will all be reflected in our outer world! We experience our lives through choices made and we are ALWAYS choosing whether we realize it or not.

Now is the time to intentionally make new choices by:
• Making room for the “new” by feeding only that which is nurturing
• Fearlessly living joy, beauty and harmony
• Redirecting energy by withdrawing from what is no longer sustaining
• Focusing greater attention on what IS nurturing, supportive and sustaining
• Acknowledging anything still being suppressed
• Being kind and considerate in ALL interactions
• Looking at life from an integrative perspective
• Relaxing into the natural flow of the Universe
• Recognizing, healing and transcending any limitations still being embraced
• Living authentically by following intuitions
• Breaking free from old habits
• Being willing to shift and explore new points of view
• Cultivating a deeper sense of life purpose
• Getting out of the way and allowing change
• Resisting NOTHING
• Standing in the highest truth known at any given moment
• Knowing that these “highest truths” are a constantly moving target
• Exploring, discovering and being OK with not knowing or having the answers
• Emptying ourselves of the past, allowing it to be what it was and MOVING ON
• Expanding and surrendering to new possibilities.

I will ask you again my loves…. Where is your focus? What are you choosing? What are you creating?

What kind of mother gerbil will you choose be? Will you choose to disconnect and disengage from all not rooted in unconditional love? Will you choose peace, cooperation, understanding, mercy, justice and forgiveness? Will you let all that is not of those qualities return to Source?

Will you be a force powerful enough to hold an unconditional love deep enough to ensure our survival… Or… will you let us all die?

Wishing each of you joyful & loving journeys,                                                                                                                          Amina Deb

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