To be lucid is possessing the ability to see as well as understand with transparency and clarity which path to take. The choice of alignment with one’s heart center presents itself with an unmistakably clear and bright light. Among all available choices, it is the one free from obscurity and devoid of confusion.

Lucid Living is becoming a participant in daily life via awareness and consciousness of all available choices present in each moment. It is reclaiming the power you already have to CHOOSE instead of being a “victim” in and of the processes unfolding around you.

The chaos of today’s world can be seen as dishing up a HUGE favor to all as it clarifies the road to a new life. Remember the saying: A candle shines more brightly when it is surrounded by darkness.

The chaos, shows by contrast, what is balanced and aligned with each of our individual expressions of our core frequency of existence, of love. When we choose to operate as expressions of Unconditional Love, fewer and fewer people, circumstances and situations will be encountered that are not compatible with or aligned with harmony and balance while more and more that are will be.

The key is CHOOSING the positive, CHOOSING what is loving and what “feels” balanced in a way that resonates with your heart.

Right now, everything is a mixed bag because humanity, both individually as well as collectively, is still deciding what would be preferred. We are examining all belief systems, and evaluating individual definitions held as “facts/truths” as well as the meanings given each perspective.

Thoughts, actions and choices are based on beliefs! These beliefs are in the driver’s seat as to what is experienced in daily life. Unfortunately, for the most part, they operate on an unconscious/subconscious level. These hidden agents can easily be exposed by using the light of awareness shining forth from the actions and thoughts themselves.

Instead of judging actions, USE them as a tools of illumination lighting the path towards Unconditional Love.

Remember… as consciousness expands, MORE of creation is seen, not less. More of both the “positive” as well as the “negative” is exposed and experienced. This gives an ever expanding opportunity for engaging in new perspectives that in turn bring new choices. New choices mean there is more to play with, more to learn about ourselves from ever expanding points of view and, as an added bonus, providing more to experience in life.

Choosing what is preferred does NOT invalidate what is not preferred. They are equal with both choices being valid. Saying “no” to what is not preferred without invalidating it is important because anytime what is not preferred is invalidated, it sticks to you like superglue.

Invalidating or resisting what is not preferred only gives it more importance than it needs to have. Kindness in ALL circumstances, with ALL interactions is the easiest way to avoid invalidating choices.

Kindness does NOT mean you embrace or continue to entertain what doesn’t “feel” balanced and aligned. It means you considerately turn away. One can be kind without actually engaging or participating in an energy exchange with others or with outer circumstances.

When all is neutral and conscious choices are made, gratitude permeates what is not preferred because there is the understanding that it has shown what IS preferred.

Understand that nothing can be felt until it is defined! The mind reacts and thoughts are formed BECAUSE of beliefs and definitions, not the other way around. Where there is a feeling, know there are definitions and labels framing it in a certain way. This is the basis for any and all particular reactions or responses being generated.

Behaviors, thoughts and feelings can always be evaluated by asking: “What must I believe about MYSELF in this situation in order to feel, think or behave this way?”

This simple question along with the willingness to explore the answers will reveal the definitions and belief systems. Once they are brought to light, what is not preferred can be released.

If the thoughts, feelings, behaviors and reactions persist, the fundamental definition hasn’t yet been found…… KEEP LOOKING!

See EVERYTHING as an invitation to determine the reality being chosen and decide if it is the desired reality. It is all about expansion. Expanding consciousness. Expanding experiences in order to engage with more of existence.

Human beings are master creators and the time has come to stop creating disharmony!

Whatever the experience…. Preferred or not, there is only ONE person responsible for its creation: YOU!

Wishing you each joyful & loving journeys,                                                                                                                                 Amina Deb

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