We’ve all heard it 1,000 times…. Life is nothing more than a mirror of and for us. What we see in others, yes, both the praiseworthy AND the not-so-praiseworthy, is a reflection of where WE are energetically in any given moment.

We are like lightning rods attracting what and who we need (not necessarily want) in order to heal, grow, and learn to see ourselves from a different, more loving perspective and hopefully make new, more appropriate loving choices.

The truth/Truth is that only LOVE exists. We all knew this as well as many other fascinating facets when we were young (birth to about 5 years). An integral part of this “Earth game” we are currently playing is that as we get older, we forget all the capabilities we inherently possess and the full meaning of being “human”.

NOTE: (We are DESIGNED to forget so we can rediscover who we are from a new point of view! We explore, experience, learn, grow, and change finally coming back full circle and once again remembering through personal experience which gives us a deeper appreciation and understanding of who we truly are).

What we see in life is forever constantly confirming if we are aligned with love (praiseworthy) or out of alignment with love (not-so-praiseworthy). LOVE itself is the guiding force challenging us to live in ever expanding aligned ways.

To fully participate in life means to USE our daily experiences to discover the places we are acting from a belief that is out of alignment with love. The more we are willing to self-evaluate and make adjustments, the more subtle the game of life becomes.

The other day, I was fortunate to have lunch with two truly outstanding individuals; a friend in the grips of a choice and a new introduction. The choice facing my friend was whether or not to live his incredibly deep capacity for unconditional love.

After being completely present, holding and containing someone in an epic not-so-praiseworthy “fit”, he was told that “no one could be in the presence of such unconditional love.” This comment cemented him in a “reality” that to be accepted, he had to be less than who he truly was at the core of his being.

Was the statement about it being difficult to be in the presence of such love true? Unfortunately, yes.

We ALL have an unbridled capacity for unconditional love but acting from that deep place has been conditioned out of us. To survive, we had to learn to focus entirely on trying to control what/who is “out there”, live fear based constructs and deal with lack mentalities.

When those still living in control/fear/lack based realities come in contact with someone living and breathing each breath in unconditional love and joy, all those beliefs rooted in control/fear/lack come bubbling up to the surface. Remember… Love is the highest, strongest vibration there is and if you open to it, nothing can hide from its embrace.

Many are either just not ready or flat out don’t want to change, do things differently, or make alternate choices. Old, familiar patterns are comfortable no matter how deeply steeped in fear based beliefs they are. Love shakes all that up. Love BRINGS change and for many, change is more frightening than the fear based beliefs they are accustomed to so they choose to stay in their diminutive, limiting, and familiar boxes.

For others, when love brings transformational shifts, there is huge excitement. They are encouraged by: if this person can do it so can I; I can step outside of my cage, be myself and finally fly free!

Here is the crux of all that is unfolding for each and every one of us: All this talk of “change”, “ascension”, “a new paradigm”, the “New Earth”… is nothing more than CHOOSING to live in unconditional love. You can either leave your water wings on and continue splashing around with the surface bull-s**t or don your scuba gear and look for the beauty that lurks beneath in the depths of your heart and shimmering soul.

So is he a water wing or scuba gear guy? Don’t know. That’s for him to unpack and evaluate.

When lunch was over and I got up to leave, a leg/hip issue I had been struggling with was suddenly gone! …. a sure bet that there was a piece in this discussion for me as well. As a lightning rod, I had drawn this to myself so the ultimate question goes back to Mirror, Mirror… Am I a water wing or scuba gear gal?

A tentacle from some unseen beast lurking in the depths had wrapped itself around my ankle relentlessly tugging me deeper.

As the beast’s tug finally became a firm jerk, the water wings slipped off my arms as helplessly I descended to the depth of a cavern never explored before. Surprisingly, all trepidation vanished in an instant. In the shimmering crystals of the new cave I saw all the places I was too afraid to live from MY unconditionally loving heart, all the places I felt rejection looming if I fearlessly lived LOVE.

That “terrifying beast” was actually Unconditional Love itself softly caressing my cheek, holding me with such reassurance that I KNEW even without my scuba gear, I could breathe deeper and fuller than any breath ever taken surface splashing wearing water wings. Breathe…. BREATHE… just open your heart and breathe.

It was a breath that filled my entire being opening my eyes to what could not be seen before:

• To live with water wings does not give people a chance to see and experience who you truly are. Will there be a greater number of water wing people splashing in the surface waters with you?… Yes, but they won’t really be splashing with who you ARE. They will only be responding and interacting with a fraud. All focus will be on keeping you who and what you are expected to be and nothing more.

• Are there scuba gear people exploring the depths of love?…. YES! Not as many, but they are fearlessly living their Truth/truth. There is only total acceptance, love, peace, justice, INTEGRITY! Did I mention LOVE?! TOTAL LOVE…..

• Water wing people talk about love, talk about being in the present moment, talk about the “I Am Presence”.

• Scuba gear people EXPERIENCE love, experience living in the eternal now, experience the “I Am Presence”.

There is no judgement either way because, after all, there is ONLY LOVE and love is perfectly moving forever and always with flawless timing. Have no worries, we have all of eternity to take this plunge…. And then the next plunge, and the next one, and the next in our eternal, wondrous journey….!

We are here to LIVE life, to experience the process of life, of change, learning, and growth. The destination is NOT the goal! The process itself IS THE GOAL!

Mirror, mirror…. Who’s the perfect picture of love/Love in physical form?….. YOU!

Wishing you each joyful and loving journeys,
Amina Deb

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