It was building. Something bubbling forth from the core of my being. What was it??… So much uncertainty.

This was different, it was a slow bubble. One clear, iridescent orb popping here and then another over there. A far cry from the customary releases of going from calm waters to an intensely rolling boil almost instantaneously.

My mantra became: “Remember that it’s the process…. the experience. You are embodied on Earth to live through the phenomena of change and savor the unfolding instead of an instantaneously achieved goal that we’ve been conditioned to strive towards.”

I kept reminding myself that the objective is to gain firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, and sensations by being embedded in the act of creation itself.

Now the physical body chimes in with painful echoes further enticing me to dive within. Still can’t find it. Of course! It is my left glute, hip and thigh screaming the loudest. (Left signifies that which is hidden, deep, emotional… the unseen truths. Glutes, hips and thighs are our major means of movement).

Still need more assistance.

As if that wasn’t enough, for three nights in a row a fiery scorpion sting pierced my flesh. Really?????……. WHY?????? (well come to find out, in many traditions, scorpion venom was used to facilitate altered states of consciousness………… no s**t. They sure altered mine!)

Dreams now add their chorus telling me tales of resistance to moving forward.

Yes, YES is my cry of surrender to the callings coupled with yet another plea for more clarity. Watch life was my guidance. Allow the days to unfold moment by moment. Clarity will come. Indeed it did.

We each embody the purity of our unique Truths along with the not so pretty egoistic trappings from our false identities. Like many of you, the Pollyanna, optimistic, glass half-full part of me always chooses to focus on the beauty of each person. While not a bad thing, in its unbalanced form this leads to dynamics of being taken advantage of, giving all while getting very little (if anything at all) in return and being marginalized.

Balance…. Not the first time this has come up in our journeys. Lack of balance skewed towards the “positive” can be just as self-sabotaging as lack of balance skewed towards the “negative”.

So much time and effort has been invested in opening our hearts and being true to how the Sacred Divine Mystery moves through our uniquely embodied form that we often forget the ever present flip side. We must also be balanced in how WE move through the Sacred Divine Mystery. It is not “this” or “that” but “this AND that”.

The continual dance is to see the purity and beauty while embracing WHAT IS with each breath! It is a sustained awareness of living with an open heart, remaining in the now present moment, and flowing with life. The experience of living with an open heart will show us who, in that instant, has the desire and capacity to reciprocate our open accessibility and who does not.

Just because someone is a beautiful being with wonderful, magnificent qualities does not mean they are currently acting from that place.

Hold the love…. ALWAYS hold the love but give of ourselves, of our energy according to what IS in each moment. Our hearts will tell us when to float towards and when to allow the flow to guide us in another direction.

We currently sit at a historically NEW choice point. The time when our current reality will no longer be viable for having a conscious experience is rapidly approaching. Demands are being placed on our awareness in an attempt to lure us beyond the limits of our current physical paradigm.

So what do we choose? How/where do we begin?

  • Embody your True Self. Think back to when you were a child before being conditioned, brainwashed and programmed. What did you see, feel, think, dream, believe? What was TRUE FOR YOU? What was REAL for you before being told there was “no such thing”?
  • When you feel joy, love, peace, happiness, & contentment, stay in and act from that space for as long as possible. You will find yourself lingering longer and longer as these states wash over you.
  • Embrace your feelings. They are your internal GPS which is intrinsically linked to your soul’s Unique Essence. TRUST IT!
  • Be willing to flow with these feeling so you neither over give nor close your heart. Acting on your feelings in each moment brings balance. Act then release knowing it all could change with your next breath.
  • Trust the process.
  • Willingly have each experience.

These steps are all well and good but there is one VERY IMPORTANT question that must be answered first.

Be honest!

Not everyone will be in a “yes” and that’s fine!

Some may be uncertain and that’s fine as well!

This is a question that literally brought me to my knees sobbing with the realization that it is an all or nothing choice.

My gut wrenching answer was “yes”.

I look forward to taking hand with all the others in a “yes” as we step together into an unknown realm co-created in Love.

THE QUESTION: Are you ready, willing and prepared to leave this 3-D construct behind?…

Wishing each of you joyful and loving journies,

Amina Deb

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