A Spiraling Process of Balance

by | May 6, 2017 | Making Courageous Choices, Navigating Change, Opening to Our New Paradigm

Last week, I was fortunate to witness, firsthand, the future of humanity. It was a beautiful, hopeful, wonderful sight to see. So many images rush forth as various understandings click into place.

There is much bantered back and forth about bringing balance to the feminine and masculine energetics. Focus is usually placed on one aspect over the other whether it be the masculine demeaning the feminine or the feminine demeaning the masculine.

Yes, this current paradigm that we are exiting was one of deeply suppressing, marginalizing and mistreating the feminine. That time is over, and, as painful as it was, the experience was very necessary. The old adage of not appreciating or valuing what you have not being recognized until its gone rings very true here.

The masculine needed to have the experience of careening off into self and worldly destruction in order to come to value the nurturing, feminine energies. But this is NOT an “out there” thing! We see the out picturing of this devastation in our world only because it mirrors the inner imbalance within us all.

Want to bring balance to the world? Want to bring healing to the world? Want to stop the violence and wars? Want to end hunger and homelessness? Want to heal the sick and care for those in need? ….. Heal the masculine/feminine balance within yourself.

You’ve heard and read it a million times: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” “Change is an inside job.” I could go on and on but you get it.

It took me a while to put it all together in one coherent picture, but as I was basking in the loving warmth of perfect interaction between my son and his girlfriend, the image of Tesla putting his hand on the glass ball creating lightening bolts that danced about within the orb from what was once a straight line of energy came into focus.

There was something magical that radiated forth touching all fortunate enough to be in the vicinity. What was it? What had they found? Where was that sparkle coming from?

A balanced feminine energy was joining with a balanced masculine energy. Radiating forth was the arising child of a new paradigm.

The process…. They were embedded in and enjoying the process! Whatever becomes of their current “relationship”, whatever the outcome may eventually be was of no importance. It was the enjoyment emerging, growing, shining forth with each “now” breath that not only served them in the moment, but kept those of us present in the “now” as well.

Humanity has been locked in the paradigm of pursuing happiness “out there” as if it was a commodity enslaving us by desires and cravings. Yet, in the heart exists a union of the masculine penetration into the spiral of life balanced by the feminine surrender to change. Realizing that each moment is a new birth, a new beginning to be nurtured, to be lived and enjoyed unfolds.

The image of Tesla’s orb repeated during this morning’s meditation and captivated my imagination as the realization that not only did what danced within look like lightening, it also resembled blood vessels. Blood vessels bringing the elixir of life to what grows within the womb.

To be open to love, you must first be open to change. Everything arises and then passes away spiraling and constantly changing. This spiral of life, balance, masculine, feminine, and the child born of such in each new breath is depicted in the yin/yang symbol. It is a consummate, pure, perfectly pristine movement. A new collective story opening for us all.

The yin/yang symbol wafted into view. Blood vessels/Tesla lightening bolts replaced the solid side of the yin and the small circle within the yang. The small circle of the yin became a laser beam while the solid side of the masculine coalesced innumerable laser beams into a solid yang.

At that moment I understood what secrets the balanced interaction of feminine and masculine held. The nurturing, loving, containing, life giving feminine still needed to hold Her/her laser beam strength and focus. It is this fortitude that allows her to carry and unconditionally love all that is contained. Yet, the balanced masculine needed to hold, nurture, protect and love the feminine which is represented by the feminine aspect held within his power and action driven existence.

Do you see yourself in one of those yin/yang circles? You are there. All it takes is one. It starts with one. One in balance helps to bring others into balance. As two become balanced, it is quicker and easier for the third to move into resonant harmony. So it goes….each yin/yang coming into harmony. With each that does so, the speed at which the others move into balance quickens. The Event Horizon…. We are there.

All, each and every person, that has worked so hard, taken the time to do the hard work on themselves, had the courage to endure journeys into their “dark night of the souls” ARE making a difference. We ARE healing humanity and ultimately our planet and all she contains.

Joseph Campbell said, “I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”

YES!!!! We are only truly ALIVE when we are willing to open our hearts and embrace the process without regard for the eventual outcome.

I saw it. I basked in it. What radiated forth from my son and his girlfriend was beautiful as it touched each soul fortunate enough to cross their path.

My deepest gratitude to all who’s work made this possible and to our glorious future as seen taking shape before my very eyes.

Sending much love to all,
Amina Deb

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