Shifting into a new creation only begins once we are willing to let go of expectations. As long as we hold mental pictures, specific beliefs, habitual mindsets, or any insistence on some version of what is familiar, we stop the process of bringing in something new.

Creation, by definition, is the act of starting or having a new experience! Embracing the “new” is what will actually facilitate bringing our New Earth into existence as we join together in co-creating a new paradigm.

To many, the concept of “a New Earth” means wanting to keep what is familiar, those old fear/control based patterns and paradigms, only have them work out and look the way they’ve always been envisioned. It doesn’t work that way. New is different. New is something never seen or experienced before. NEW IS UNFAMILIAR.

Reluctance in stepping into what is unfamiliar is normal. We all tend to resist the unknown oftentimes staying with what no longer serves us instead of facing “new”.

We are currently uniting and learning how to live from our heart centers. We are overcoming our ego-mind and transcending the lower pulsations driven by fear and control based systems. Still, it is a journey into the unknown, the unfamiliar, as we’ve never traveled this path of Unity Consciousness before.

It is during these times that age old stories bring solace. Through our stories, authors unknown and handed down generation after generation, we find respite and comfort allowing a feeling of peace to settle over our weary minds. I share an age old story as told to me by my teacher Fawzia in hopes of bringing a bit of reprieve from worldly uncertainties:

The River & the Desert

A stream ran from its source in the far off mountains, passing through every kind of terrain and countryside until, at last, it reached the sands of the desert.

Just as it had crossed every other barrier, the stream tried to cross this one. It found that as fast as it ran to the sand, its waters disappeared. The stream was convinced that its destiny was to cross this desert & yet there was no way.

Now, a hidden voice coming from the desert itself whispered, “The wind crosses the desert and so can you my dear stream.”

The stream objected saying that it was only dashing itself against the sand and getting absorbed while the wind could fly and this was why the wind could cross the desert.

The desert said, “By hurling yourself in your own accustomed way of crossing terrains, you cannot get across. In doing as you have always done, you will either disappear or become a marsh. You must allow the wind to carry you over to your destination.”

“But how can this happen?” asked the stream.

“By allowing yourself to be absorbed into the wind”, whispered back the desert.

This idea was not at all acceptable to the stream! After all, it had never been absorbed before. The stream did not want to lose its individuality and once having lost it, how was one to know if it could ever be regained.

The wind said, “The sand has performed its function. It is the function of the wind to take up water, carry it over the desert and letting it fall once again. Falling as rain, the water of what is now a stream will then become a river.”

“How can I know this is true?” asks the stream.

“It is so. But, if you do not believe it, then you cannot become more than a quagmire. To become a quagmire could take many, many years and it certainly is not the same as being a stream!”

“But can I not remain the same stream I am today?”

“You cannot, in either case, remain so”, whispered the wind.

“Your essential part is carried away and formed again. You are called again what you are today, a stream, because in this moment you do not know which part of you is the essential one.”

When the stream heard this, certain echoes began to arise again in its thoughts. Dimly, the stream remembered a state in which he, or some part of him, had been held in the arms of the wind. He also remembered, or did he, that this was the real thing to do even though it was not necessarily the obvious choice.

The stream raised his vapor into the welcoming arms of the wind which gently and easily bore it upwards & along, letting it fall softly as soon as they reached the top of the mountains many, many miles away.

And, because he had had his doubts, the stream was able to remember and record more strongly in his mind the details of the experience. He reflected, “Yes, now I have learned my true identity.”

The stream was learning what the sands had whispered…. “We know. We know because we see it happen day after day because we, the sand, extend from the riverside all the way to the mountains.”

This is why it is said that the way in which the stream of life continues on its journey is written in the sand.

Let go…. Relax into the welcoming arms of Love. Go with the flow and current that is truly you. Allow the winds of love to sweep through your heart lifting the essence of who you truly are to a new experience in life. Allow yourself, that essential core of your unique truth, to be carried to a new life, a New Earth.

Wishing you each joyful and loving journeys,

Amina Deb


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