Spring, Easter, resurrections, new beginnings are all current themes running through our culture. What comes to mind is a baby chick pecking its way out of the shell that incubated and housed his very existence up until the pivotal moment of hatching.

Peck, peck, pecking free from what had become a confining and limiting space, the chick is finally liberated into the vast unknown. It was not the desire for something new, but the unbearable conditions of restriction that drove the baby chick to peck.

Did you know that the baby chick MUST peck free of his shell without help? Were he to receive assistance, once outside of the shell he would die. You see, it is the very process of pecking his way to freedom that strengthens his beak and muscles giving him the tools necessary to survive in his new world of existence.

Peep…peep…peep…. We are all baby chicks growing, incubating, and developing: each in our own shell, each maturing in our own time, each reaching the point we can no longer stand what confines and binds us. For you see, just like the baby chick, we won’t peck our way to freedom until we reach the point of knowing we would perish if we continued to remain in what no longer serves us.

To wait until the point of no return is not a shortcoming, it is a sign that we have developed enough, matured enough, and changed enough on the inside to live another existence. But, once again like the baby chick, this alone is not sufficient.

In order to acquire the strength and stamina necessary to exist outside of our shells, we must take action. We must peck our way out of the dank, dark maze of our current structured existence. As with the baby chick, it is a job we must do alone, each of us called to peck, peck, peck our way into the light of a new, unknown, and liberated life. No one can help us and neither can they do it for us.

Peep, peep, peep…. We hear the call of others already released and free. We search our souls asking, “Am I ready? Is it time to peck my way to a new existence, a different reality?”

How to know when the moment has arrived:

• No longer willing to cautiously remain with the norm, regardless of what others say, we dance to the beat of our own drummer.

• No longer cringing or shrinking into the shadows, we freely dance in wild abandon if so called.

• Life’s most painful moments are seen for their blessings and gifts of knowledge, insight and enduring strength.

• Those lumps of coal transformed from the pressures of the past are held as precious diamonds giving courage to fearlessly face   new adventures.

• Finding the silver lining in every dismal, gloomy cloud of anguish will automatically become our new, standard pattern of perception.

• Failure is no longer seen as a lack of success but merely valuable information for future choices.

• Most importantly, we “know thyself”.

• We know our heart’s longing.

• We know what nourishes, supports, affirms and maintains us.

• We not only like ourselves, we love the unique truth we discovered ourselves to be.

• We are willing to first and foremost BE who we truly are, daring to dream the biggest dream possible!

Being who we truly are as unique expressions of Source is the crowning glory and critical step before pecking can begin. We must be willing to stay true to ourselves even when it means failing to meet the hopes and expectations of others.

Peep, peep, peep… encouragement surrounds us.

Peep, peep, peep…. love calls and joy shakes the boundaries of our shells.

Quoting bits from Oriah’s “The Invitation” I ask us all, myself included:

….Can you bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul? ….Can you get up, after a night of grief and despair, weary and bruised to the bone, and do what needs to be done to feed the children? …..Will you stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back?”

What I really want to know is: “Will you risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive?”

Peck, peck, peck…. The journey begins!

Happy pecking dearest ones!
Amina Deb

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