Instead of being mildly entertained by the latest Beauty and the Beast movie as expected, I was totally enthralled. What captivated me was the story within the story, the same story written to unfold within each of our lives.

At one point in the movie, we see the Beast as a young, innocent, loving boy and then of course (spoiler alert for anyone not knowing the story) at the end of the movie, those same qualities appear in their matured versions of vibrancy, purity, and warm-heartedness towards all.

There would have been no maturity, no journey, no experience and certainly no story had it not been for the “evil” spell that made some forget and others change into forms that brought separation from those they loved.

We too forget as 3-D life casts its spell on us and we take on appearances, wearing masks to cover our truth, hiding our unique selves, and causing us experience those same pangs of separation. Much like what was depicted in the movie, tarrying too long in our disguises, only makes it more difficult to relinquish the restrictive and dense masquerade.

It was the chronicled events of their journey that not only brought those inherent qualities to maturity but also exposed the scoundrels from the champions. Events unfolded in a natural course bringing each character methodically and perfectly to exactly where they needed to be with precise honed timing.

It was the scoundrel’s intentionally manipulated circumstances that went awry while the champions flowed with what was before them in each moment leading to the next seemingly flawlessly guided point in time. I say flawlessly because, after all, there was a magically happy ending.

Are you the Beauty or are you the Beast? I contend that we are each both. We are born a Beauty into a family and set of circumstances that will offer us the best opportunity to explore what our heart holds as its unique treasure and purpose. Of course those qualities are in their immature form.

We must become the Beast, cast under the spell and illusion of separation. In order to become champions, we must fight our own lower impulses of despair, darkness, and malevolence. One step forward, two steps back we go.

The secret to it all…. Go with the flow. Follow the moment. Trust the experience for without the experience, there would be no story. It’s all about the story… It’s always been about the story. Our story. Our experience. Our journey from the pristine beginning, through the cold, dark forest, imprisoned in the dismal dank castle to joyful reunions with each and every one of us transforming into champions.

Wherever you are in your story, know you are not alone. Know we are each traversing our own unique path exploring the dream we came to dream. There is a flow, relax into it. It is that flow that carries you on your unique journey in each moment as you act from your heart.

After all, just like your personal fairy godmother, it is your deep heart pulsating with unconditional love orchestrating the flow. It will tell you if you are on the path of the scoundrel or the path of the champion. We will each crisscross between them many times. For this is the crux of our story, what makes our personal journey all worth wile.

Embrace life, live your story, experience your dream. Then…. Dance. Dance together as we share our adventures. Dance to the New Story, the New Earth we are now living to create.

The dance we each are here to do is different, unique and special from everyone else. It is only when we each dance to our uniqueness that we are able to not only join the ball but have one in the process.

Wishing you each joyful and loving journeys,
Amina Deb

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