Gaia’s Choice: An Ode to Peanut

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Making Courageous Choices, Navigating Change, Opening to Our New Paradigm

There is a wind that blows seeking to divide, separate, categorize, split, break apart, classify and discriminate. Once we are neatly sorted and packed away in our different boxes which ultimately become our prison cells, this wind then pits us one against the other creating war, fear, conflict, competitiveness, struggle, opposition and agitation.

There is another wind that blows seeking unity, love, compassion, understanding, mercy, justice, and forgiveness. It cares not about your gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, political party, beliefs, or definitions. It calls to all in a soft whisper that says, “We need you. We ALL need you. We need your diversity in order to create something new and beautiful.”

I think back to a time when my children were young and we purchased gerbils, one male and one female. It wasn’t long until we had a plethora of baby gerbils. All was grand fun until one day some of the babies began dying. My daughter chose one of the dying babies, named it Peanut and convinced me to take it to the vet in an attempt to save its life.

The vet, in her most soothing voice possible, explained to us that at a certain point, the mother gerbil no longer has enough milk to feed all of her babies. She is forced to choose who she will continue to feed and who will starve to death.

I was horrified! “How could any mother knowingly kill her own babies? Doesn’t even a gerbil love her children?” My eyes filled with tears.

The vet, compassion permeating her voice, kindly explained that, yes…. the mother gerbil loves her young very much. It is because she loves them so that she MUST make this choice. If she didn’t, they would all die.

These winds, these winds blowing through humanity are the discerning winds of Mother Gaia in the throes of a choice.

They call like an owl hooting in the night…. Hooo, hoooo…. WHO….

  • WHO of my children will love unconditionally
  • WHO, who of my children are committed to understanding the gift of diversity
  • WHO of my babies will work for peace
  • WHO, WHO holds mercy, compassion and forgiveness
  • WHO…. Hoooo…. WHO LOVES?

Make no mistake my friends, these winds that are currently blowing through humanity are culling winds. Do not be fooled by the rhetoric bantering about for there is a larger force moving through humanity.
This is not an evil or dark force by any means. It is a necessary one. Life on Earth has become unsustainable. It is because our Mother Gaia loves us so that this force moves in preparation to cull her babies. If it didn’t, we would all die.

Listen, listen carefully to the call…. Do you hear it calling hoooo, hoooo…. WHO LOVES?

Rise and answer your mother.

Yes, I am here.

It is I….


Wishing you each joyful and loving journeys,

Amina Deb

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