According to my two children, I am the resident expert on “bat-shit crazy.” I, for one, spent many years trying to prove I was not crazy, offering morsel after morsel of evidence in an attempt to validate myself as well as my point of view. It was all for naught. You see, any “evidence” offered by a crazy person, it in and of itself…. crazy.

Finally, FINALLY, I stopped seeking acceptance and approval from others. Once I gave up and took the time to look around evaluating my life against the backdrop of society in general, appreciation for my life circumstances grew leaps and bounds. Here I stand, happy, healthy, successful, having no need to indulge in drugs or alcohol to relieve stress, much less fill vacant time with food, sex or technology. As somewhat of a minimalist, I truly enjoy what I have with no need for “more”. Looking around, breathing, a feeling of inspiration from the beauty in nature and passing clouds fills me with awe. Maybe crazy isn’t so bad after all. Maybe crazy is a good thing.

In his younger days, before deciding his mother was certifiable, my son taught me many things. Just after getting his driver’s license, before leaving for work, he was playing the newest video game (back in the stone age of technology) which was a race car speeding around a challenging track. He returned from work all wide eyed and couldn’t wait to share that speeding around a race track in the video game actually affected how he drove the REAL car! He was amazed at his increased speed and aggressiveness driving to work all spurred on by the race car video game.

Each time I see an advertisement for the latest hi-tech game, I shudder remembering what my son shared as a teenager. What are we doing? What are we training ourselves and our children for? Why are we so surprised at the increase in violence? Who is really the crazy one? Me? The video game creators? Or perhaps those who purchase and play them.

What is crazy anyway? It is defined as: deranged and possibly dangerous, affected with madness or insanity, foolish, totally unsound. Hummmmm….. don’t see that I personally fit into that definition but I certainly do see a lot of what is considered “normal” out there that does!

Crazy can also be defined as: being possessed by inordinate excitement, fantastic, intensely enthusiastic. Crazy is something unusual, out of the ordinary, a new & different approach. YES….. I like that! Based on this definition, the crazies are gathering momentum! We are growing in numbers day by day!

Who are these excited, fantastic, unusual, enthusiastic crazy people?

  • We are the ones to introduce new and innovative ideas
  • We offer alternatives for sustainable living
  • We have the courage to say “no” to self-defeating principles
  • We fight for personal freedoms
  • We stand to face fear and the atrocities rampant in our societies
  • We support compromise instead of control
  • We champion diversity
  • We are open-minded
  • We value family and community
  • We seek understanding instead of ultimatums
  • We work to end the suffering of others
  • We act to end the mistreatment of animals and the Earth in general
  • We cultivate a positive outlook
  • We resolve to spread compassion, mercy, understanding and cooperation
  • We attempt to influence change that benefits as well as supports all
  • We speak the truth in spite of retribution
  • We honor commitments
  • We bring people together instead of ostracizing those deemed “not agreeable”
  • We choose love, even in the face of those unloving… the crazies LOVE.

Am I crazy? You bet…… and proud of it!!

Wishing you each joyful and loving journeys,

Amina Deb

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