There is a hunger, a yearning that lies deep within the heart of every person.

It is a longing to free the Core Essence of our Truly Unique Self currently lying dormant, patiently waiting for the human ego to finally turn from its attempt to control the outer world and remember the Essence of who we truly are. Accomplished by discovering our individual Sacred Selves, we gain the freedom to live a life rooted in love, compassion, mercy, and joy.

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.

The Dalai Lama

Life is a Living Dynamic Consciousness expressing itself through each and every one of us. WE are the creator of our reality. Once we open to the process of using our emotions as guides to help us understand others, understand where we are feeling resistance to manifest what lives buried deeply in our hearts, we become truly empowered as loving beings of Light.

There are only Five Universal Facts. Everything, absolutely everything else, is a belief, a definition, an opinion, or a perception. Beliefs, definitions, opinions, and perceptions can all be changed! These are the only Facts:

  • The One is the All and the All are the One.
  • As an aspect and spark of the Sacred Unknown, we eternally exist.
  • Time is an illusion. As a collective, we agreed to create the experience of time as a construct to measure change. Physicists are finding more and more evidence that, as an absolute, time does not exist.
  • What we put out, we will get back. This is the old adage of, “as you reap, so shall you sow”.
  • Everything, EVERYTHING except these 5 facts changes!

All of creation is nothing more than resonance, frequency and a vibration of The Sacred Unknown. The different frequencies determine our perception that different “things” exist. Regardless of what we encounter with our senses, including light and sound, we only experience different expressions of the same Sacred Unknown vibrating at different frequencies.

We each possess a distinct pattern carried in our hearts. It is our uniquely personal resonant facet of The Sacred Unknown.

Once focus shifts from the complacent life characterized by our ego self to the empowerment that comes from living our Unique Sacred Self, we enter the space where life becomes breathtakingly exciting. Peace, contentment, love, joy, excitement, hope are all emotions that tell us we are, at that moment, in harmony with our Sacred Self, shining our unique facet of the Sacred Unknown to all creation.

An emotion other than peace, contentment, love, joy, excitement and hope tell us we have moved out of harmony with our Sacred Self. We are then challenged to find the belief, definition, opinion, or perception that is not in alignment and change it.

We never change our outer world! Our outer reality only changes in response to the changes we make within ourselves!! What is seen and experienced as “out there” is only a mirror of what we carry within. This is why we often hear: “change is an inside job”, “be the change you want to see in the world”, or “get to the heart of the matter”.

Transforming to Essence is a 501 c(3) charitable entity dedicated to bringing healing to a world in crisis and supporting lives rooted in Unity, love, compassion, mercy, justice, freedom and peace for All of Creation.

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